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Our rich experience in Software and Application Testing services, deep industry knowledge, broad testing tool expertise, flexible delivery model help you accelerate application testing, improve software quality at reduced cost. Neruby with its comprehensive application testing services can be your transformation partner in your current as well as future quality assurance activities. This ongoing process optimization in application testing services enables us to maintain and improve high quality of deliverables, ensure on-time deliveries and reduce costs.

The face of testing has changed in the last decade. Today, testing is viewed as a strategic enabler that drives customer satisfaction. Testing teams are as involved in ensuring profitability and end-customer satisfaction as any other team. Predictable quality has become the gold standard.

Neruby follows a principled approach to application testing. We focus on the end-user’s perspective and start testing from the very beginning. We ensure our test management processes comply with the highest quality standards in the industry, and we leverage the testing ecosystem to offer comprehensive testing solutions. We ensure good governance and metrics to measure effectiveness and high ROI for our clients.

Neruby offers a comprehensive suite of testing solutions for both enterprise IT and product engineering organizations. Our offerings include test consulting, QA organization assessment, functional testing, test automation, and specialized testing services, such as performance testing, security testing, and globalization testing.

Contact us today and we’ll tell you how our testing services can help you better your performance!