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Offshore Operation Management

Today the outsourcing paradigm has shifted to encompass all the above as well as accommodate knowledge expertise, skills and experience of the people carrying out the business functions, with a key focus on creating and delivering high value and quality.

The transition from outsourcing numerous business functions to outsourcing domain based process and business expertise has risen in the past few years. The nascent growth towards offshore operation management is steadily gaining momentum as more and more companies are realizing the immediate cost savings (over 30 per cent) and tangible benefits that accompany this business service without compromising on quality service standards and delivery.

Neruby’s offshore operation management services cover the entire gamut of intellectual capital-centric activities such as domain specific research, data processing & mining, content management and database management.

Neruby provides knowledge process outsourcing services to help firms concentrate on their core business competencies with a key focus on reducing overhead costs, increasing operational efficiency, via its domain-based processes and business expertise. Recognizing today's dynamic business environment needs to accommodate to the globalization of operations and rapid technology diffusion to remain competitive, Neruby provides a host of KPO services. These include:

  • Research & Development
  • Business and Technical Analysis
  • Learning Solutions
  • Data Analytics
  • Training & Consultancy
  • Contact Center Services
  • Back Office Processing Services
  • Web Based Research
  • Categorization & Cataloging
  • Data Management Services
  • Technical Help Desk Services
  • Data Warehousing & Mining Services