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Your network computers are constantly storing files, allocating memory, prioritizing tasks and executing commands. Eventually data gets disorganized, errors occur on your hard drive, and software and drivers become obsolete. As these problems build, your operating system slows down, system and software crashes occur more frequently and start up and shut down operations take longer and longer to complete. Routine operating system maintenance will help keep your computers running efficiently. Keeping your software and operating system current is critical for a stable and reliable computer network.

Neruby can help you maintain your systems and keep them performing at peak levels. A system audit can be made on a regular basis. During the audit system diagnostics and resources will be collected and analyzed. Based on the results a report will be delivered to the customer that includes the results and possible proposals to keep high system performance.

Preventive maintenance includes actions and platform checking to secure the safe and reliable system and platform operation. Needed actions can be implemented as a one-time session during the annual shutdown or to suit the process situations. The service includes actions according to the program agreed with the customer.

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