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Project Management

Throughout the years, Project Management has developed into an enterprise level management system that bridges the gap from executive strategy to tactical implementation. The most effective Project Management organizations support Project Management from the top down and have created a living framework consisting of practices, competencies, and techniques scaled to their specific project demands.

At Neruby, our successful approach to project management comes from years of managing a wide variety of global program and project initiatives. Our team of executive-level consultants will help your organization identify the solution best suited to meet the specific challenges you are facing. Neruby has customized Project Management consulting, training and assessment programs for commercial and Government clients around the world rendering targeted and sustainable results.

Neruby follows a systematic approach of project management, scientific and engineering services to the Government funded academic research community and the aerospace and defense industry. Whether you need a team of experts to design and execute a plan or a role player to provide interim support to keep your projects on schedule and within budget, you can rely on Neruby’s best-in-class professionals.

Neruby's principals and associates offer great breadth and depth of project experience, and their expertise is further augmented by their commitment to a team approach. While each work contract has a specific staff assignment, Neruby’s project managers consult closely within the office to ensure that special, relevant experiences and skills are applied to each client's situation.

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