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The web can take your company places you’ve never been before – revenue and performance vise. Neruby has been offering web based services to its clients for years through time tested methodologies and effective revenue based business models. We offer a variety of web services to our clients that leverage the power of the internet and help businesses grow vertically.

Our website designing and hosting services will provide you high uptime and great performance and speed so that your web presence and applications are always up and running and your business never has to face any down time.

Our eCommerce offerings will provide you powerful online business capabilities, so that you can interact and market to your customers, even if they are sitting across the globe. Our online business applications will ensure your business transactions run smoothly at all times, and you are business is alive, even when you are asleep.

Our content management and SEO services will ensure that your target customers know about your presence, so that you never lose out on a business opportunity. We’ll create strong online promotion and marketing campaigns for you that will help you stay ahead of your competition and get across to your customer.

To know more how our web services can bring your customer closer to you, contact us today!

Available web services Entry Silver Gold Platinum
Web design – static web site Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web design – dynamic web site Yes Yes Yes Yes
Content management web site only Yes Yes Yes Yes
Content management – web and catalogue   Yes Yes Yes
Ecommerce – referral Yes Std Yes Yes
Ecommerce – online order   Option Yes Yes
Ecommerce payment gateway     Option Yes
SEO services       Yes
Std = Default service level
Option = Enhanced service available at extra cost